Nahla Initiative

NAHLA – The Initiative

The NAHLA initiative is a girl-focused program established by Briteswan to close the gender disproportion that exists in the music business. In a world riddled with inequalities, it is impossible to talk about progress in the music industry without exploring the role that gender plays in perpetuating the divide. This initiative takes a proactive approach to solving this divide by up-skilling young women, providing access to human capital development, and driving economic empowerment for young women.
The 2023 “Inclusion in the Recording Studio” report states that women make up 22.3% of artists, 12.8% of songwriters and 2.8% of music producers in the music industry. Women of color are invisible as producers, with only 13 out of 1756 producing credits going to women of color. These figures are even lower in the Nigerian Music industry especially in the music creation segment, where the ratio of female to male music producers is 1:50.
We believe that with an intentional focus on empowering women through skills acquisition and training, we can increase representation of women in production, songwriting, engineering – while providing safe environments for women to work and drive financial independence.


Nahla renders a year-long programme that takes participants through – Capacity Building, Project Creation and Project Release. The program focuses on the core segment of the music process – songwriting, production, and sound engineering. We after care services to our participants to help ease into a flourishing music careers.


  • To drive a more inclusive world and empower women to achieve self-actualization
  • We want to reach 500,000 young women within five (5) years.


  • Young women between the ages of 18 and 35 that are interested in a career as music producers, songwriters and sound engineer.


The AudioGirl Initiative is set to have a ripple effect not just within the community but also within the Nigerian Music Industry. The initiative will create:

  • Financial empowerment and liberation for women
  • More representation for women (Performers, Producers, Engineers and Songwriters) and the female perspective in the Music Space.
  • A safe working environment for women in the music industry.
  • Provide more creative options and sustainable jobs for women and young people.
  • A lot more content- increasing the economic value of the industry as a whole.
  • Foster collaboration within the industry
  • Youth engagement

The essence of the initiative is to create awareness about the gender inequalities in the music creation segment (production, songwriting, mixing and mastering), challenge cultural, social and professional norms, close the gender gap by providing more creative options for women in a safe working environment that fosters collaboration and creates economic empowerment and liberation.

Highlights from our 2022 Bootcamp Class